Juno Burger

I choose the path of the compassionate heart. My innate sensitivity to subtle energies has prompted me in my life to learn to deal with it in such a way that it doesn’t adversely affect me, I don’t have to close myself off or react unknowingly and incompetently.

By consciously experiencing and embracing everything that arises in these encounters, I have trained my system to benefict optimally form my sensitivity and at the same time retain nothing of what I experience. Thus, over the years I have become increasingly available for the diversity of life itself. For me it is all inclusive: I want to fully integrate both the shadow side and the light side to be a truly complete person.

For the past 25 years, I have invested in embracing life itself. I consciously use the time with myself, the people I meet and the places I visit to find out where I can expand to be even more compassionate.

This availability is what I offer you. An energetic space in which tension can discharge so that energy can flow more freely in you, your home or your business. With this ‘bandwidth’ I can feel and let be an enormous diversity of energies of people, spaces and situations.

In recent years I have energetically cleared thousands of houses and people and thus a wealth of experience has grown. This not only helps to set what is stagnated in motion or to calm again what is chaotic. Through the many flight hours, I am able to explain to you how you can do this yourself, giving you a tool to live magically and effortlessly.