The Invitation

Your favourite problem. That issue that you struggle with, think about a lot, worry about, slows you down, makes you feel small and disempowered. That thing that just doesn’t go away and keeps coming back to the most (un)predictable people, situations and places.

For seven days you will do something radically different with it. You will consciously notice how it makes you feel and let it be without changing it, That’s The Invitation!

You won’t be taking your associated thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical sensations personally, you are not going into the exploration who it is from, why it is there, when it started, what it means and where it comes from. And you are not going to try to fix it getting rid of it as as soon as you can or hang on to it for as long as possible.

These 3 simple steps will get you there:

  1. Ask yourself the question as often as possible during a day; “What is alive in me right now?”
  2. Think about or visualise your favourite problem and observe what you perceive through your senses; observe and experience feelings, emotions, physical sensations and thoughts.
  3. Whatever it is you notice, let it be as it is, without changing it.

That’s it, that’s all…;-)

Where consciousness and compassion meet, a key is forged that fits the door of your compassionate heart. When you enter that space you are out of the mind and the limiting dynamics of polarisation and duality. In the domain of the compassionate heart though,  you will be reminded of unity, inclusiveness and feel a warm welcome that is extended to all aspects of life. Life invites you to do this constantly. To fully participate, experience through your inner world and let it be completely as it is, without the need to change it as you come to realise change occurs naturally as a result of this paradoxical proces.

With this approach to life you release the tension and lessen the intensity of trigger reactions. You change at the deepest level how you deal with your world of experience and thereby become a living invitation for your environment to also step into that space of wholeness.

Because you now look and deal with it in such a fundamentally different way, your favourite problem will most likely be much less favourite or have simply vanished form your reality. And of course that applies to all problems, small or large, individual or collective.

The Invitation in 7 days

You are cordially invited to participate in The Invitation Facebook Community (in Dutch only!) It is and will always be for free.

Here Juno will post a daily video that will give you more insight into what is happening, you will find practical tips on how to apply and integrate this during the 7 days in your life and I will help you to notice where the change can be observed.

This is also the place where you can share your experiences with The Invitation, ask questions and help others or get help yourself with your favourite problem.

Let’s be this!


The Invitation

Once nothing has to change, everything changes.

The Invitation invites you to deal with your experiences in a radically different way. With amazing simplicity, you’ll give yourself access to the intelligence of your compassionate heart and you’ll learn how to clear and recharge your energetic system.