Personal Energy Work

A personal clearing, face-to-face or remotely, helps your system to release stress, allowing you to relax, recover and be more receptive to the flow that brings peace, clarity and energy.

It is estimated that about 95% of what determines how you respond to life comes from unconscious conditioning. This programming is a complex mix of factors that stem from genetics, your family system line, parallel life experiences, and what you experienced in the early years of your life. This creates a rich variety of conditioned responses, survival strategies, patterns, likes, dislikes, judgments, fears, denials and viewpoints, each of which is a creative force in the reality you find yourself in. The challenge here is that these responses come from the subconscious parts in you. You experience the symptoms but have no insight into or control over these restrictive ways of reacting to what life presents.

And not only that, by dealing with life in a certain way, you build a toxic energetic charge around what you experience, your body experiences this as stress. This charge is generated by taking life personally, understanding it and wanting to fix it.

Free Friday

Weekly remote clearing

You will receive a personal remote clearing every Friday for a month. This helps you to reduce tension over time that you do not build up again as quickly due to the weekly rhythm. This brings you more flow, energy and peace.

Energy Clearing

Video consultation

This energy clearing consultation via video calling is a session where I look deeper and work into the energy of your compassionate heart, physical body and subtle energy fields. This is a powerful sentient experience that also refines and sharpens your awareness and compassion.

Systemic Energy Clearing

Consult in my practice

In this session in my practice in Noordwijk we dive deep into the subconscious to give space to what you are not yet aware of, but which plays a major role in what your life is like now. The combination of systemic work and energy clearing restores unity by inviting shadow sides and simultaneously embracing them with awareness and compassion.