Free 4-point Energy Scan

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The free 4-point Energy Scan gives a first impression of whether the energy in your house is too passive or too active and whether there are disturbances of human emotions, earth energies and electrostress.

An EnergyScan gives you insight into the energetic situation of your living or working environment. Because time and space do not play a role in energy work, it is possible to read the energy of a person or location remotely.

If you want to gain more insight into the extent to which your house is out of balance, where the principle disturbance comes from and whether I can best clear your house remotely or on location, I recommend that you request the extensive 18-point Energy Scan.

The scan is an inventory of the disturbances, not the energetic clearing itself.

I try to make the free 4-point EnergyScan within 7 working days and email it to you. It may take longer in busy times.

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