Systemic Energy Clearing

Consult in my practice

€ 256,00

Whether you are in conflict with yourself, someone else or a situation, the major benefit can be achieved by making the unconscious conscious. And when what lives in the unconscious is given a stage and is met with awareness and compassion, an energy clearing takes place.

Not only does this free you from toxic tension, but your energy system simultaneously learns that it is safe to experience these aspects of life so that they do not have to hide in the shadows again, waiting for the invitation to be embraced. This consultation is therefore both an energetic release and a training.

Three aspects are discussed in this session; mentoring, systemic work and energy clearing. This consultation lasts an hour and a half and takes place in my practice in Noordwijk. Systemic Energy Clearing is a trajectory of 5 sessions. You can also first book a single introductory session, and you will receive a coupon worth the entire amount that you can later redeem when booking a trajectory of 5 sessions.