Family constellation clearing

€ 512,-

This clearing zooms in on the visible and invisible dynamics within the entire family system. Bert Hellinger, the founder of family constellations, discovered that in the family lineage, experiences, traumas, and secrets are passed down from generation to generation when they are not effectively resolved at the time of death. These experiences can play a large and invisible role in the lives of individual family members, but they can also cause a hampering dynamic in the entire family system. This can manifest itself as imbalance, stagnation, complications, but also as illness.

I clear the living and deceased relatives in the family system (great-grandparents-grandparents-parents-applicant-children-grandchildren-great-grandchildren) and energetically clear the underlying information field in which tension can act stagnant. This clearing can have a direct harmonizing effect, but also initially cause a detoxifying reaction. Following the initial clearing of the relationship constellation, I clear the parties remotely for a period of 4 weeks on Friday to allow the securities to settle properly and integrate associated changes after the initial clearing.

After you have selected a date for the constellation clearing below, enter the names of those involved and describe briefly and concisely why you want this clearing carried out. If you do not know the names of those involved, the constellation clearing can still take place via the context of the family system.

The clearing takes place by tuning in to the names of the parties involved. At the time of the constellation clearing there is no live contact via telephone or video calling, you do not have to be at home, do or not do anything or be together in the same room. The constellation clearing is not a reading but an energetic intervention that creates space and sets life energy in motion. The emphasis is on what those involved experience, not on what I experience during the clearings. That is why you will not receive any substantive feedback from me, but I will of course let you know when the clearing has been completed.