Energy Work

Energy Clearing is a very advanced form of energy work based on awareness and compassion.

An energy clearing dissolves blockages and stagnation in the flow of life force and that brings free flowing energy, clarity and peace to your personal energy management, your health, relationships, finances and work. I offer various consultations for the energetic clearing of people, spaces, constellations and businesses, both remotely and on site.


A personal clearing, face-to-face or remotely, helps your system to release stress, allowing you to relax, recover and be more receptive to the flow that brings peace, clarity and energy.


A constellation clearing brings movement, clarity, peace and spaciousness to the energy dynamics of a relationship, a family or an entire family system.


An energy clearing of your home brings energy and peace back into your living environment. The flow returns and your home is once again a safe space to grow and relax.


Chi or life force, underlies every aspect of your business. Free flowing energy in business contributes to great teamwork, smooth projects and thriving companies.



The most empowering thing is to learn energy clearing yourself. Everyone possesses awareness and a compassionate heart and that means that you can learn and develop this way of living and working with life energy.

This ‘life skill’ is indispensable in dealing with the large amounts of stimuli that you perceive and have to process during the day. Learning Energy Clearing yourself not only increases and refines your sensitivity and compassion, it also allows you to live openly and freely without being adversely affected by what you experience.

You can learn and deepen Realease energy clearing in a number of day workshops or the Energy clearing retreat in Mandali-Italy. I give lectures on the paradox of the compassionate heart and guide silent-yoga-detox retreats together with Tijn Touber and Daphne Luttger.

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The Invitation

The Invitation is self practice based on awareness and compassion, aiming to provide you with practical and meaningful tool for dealing with what arises in your inner- and outer landscape.

This is not only a valuable practice for yourself, it also greatly and directly affects your immediate surroundings like your partner, children, family, colleagues and friends. And, this powerful field also serves to support the collective in reducing polarization and restoring unity.

Self Practice

Your favourite problem. That issue that you struggle with, think about a lot, worry about, slows you down, makes you feel small and disempowered. That thing that just doesn’t go away and keeps coming back to the most (un)predictable people, situations and places.

For seven days you will do something radically different with it.You will consciously notice how it make you feel and let it be without changing it, That’s The Invitation!

The invitation


Once nothing has to change, everything changes.

The Invitation invites you to deal with your experiences in a radically different way. With amazing simplicity, you’ll give yourself access to the intelligence of your compassionate heart and you’ll learn how to clear and recharge your energetic system.

Juno Burger

I choose the path of the compassionate heart.

My innate sensitivity to subtle energies has prompted me in my life to learn to deal with it in such a way that it doesn’t adversely affect me, I don’t have to close myself off or react unknowingly and incompetently.

For the past 25 years I have invested in embracing life itself. I consciously use the time with myself, the people I meet and the places I visit to find out where I can expand to be even more compassionate.

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